Euronda E10 autoclave

E10 is the latest Euronda Class B autoclave. A more powerful vacuum pump and an optimized drying cycle make E10 the best performing Euronda sterilizer ever. Moreover, it has lower water and energy consumption than any other autoclave offering comparable performance levels (2300 W, 300 ml). E10 features cutting-edge technology like the E-Touch display which has an extremely user-friendly interface; it is possible to select 5 different B cycles and N and S cycles .

Euronda E8 autoclave

Straightforward, high-performing and affordable: E8 brings together all Euronda’s top technology to strike a perfect balance between innovation and ergonomics, power, consumption and usability. The soft-touch colour display is protected by a polycarbonate screen and enhanced with a distinctive front panel in muted grey. It is possible to select 5 different B cycles and N and S type cycles. The innovative E-Timer lets you set tests and cycles to start at whatever time you like.


Euroseal® thermosealing machine is attractive, compact, ergonomic and easy to use. Thanks to the transparent polycarbonate cover, sealing operations can be performed with even greater precision. The height and depth of the special, patented roll holder can be adjusted and it can also be wall-mounted, in order to meet the specific needs of each dental practice.

Eurosonic® 3D

A digital ultrasonic tank featuring a constant operating temperature of 60°C and time adjustable to between 0 and 30 minutes, through the backlit controller. Eurosonic® 3D is equipped with the Sweep Mode Technology for homogeneous distribution of the ultrasonic waves and more uniform cleaning.


Water distiller that boils water and condenses the steam to obtain distilled water. It distils 0.7 litres of water per hour. 4 litres capacity. It passes all safety tests, complying with all electromagnetic compatibility standard (2014/30/EU) and low voltage standard (2014/35/EU) requirements.

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